The Simple Strategy We Use To Earn Extra Income Each Month From Credit Cards

credit card strategyWithout a doubt the number 1 question we are asked when it comes to credit cards is how people are effectively using credit cards to earn extra income and travel for free. Have you found yourself wondering how you too can take advantage of the many perks credit card companies offer in a responsible manner? Well look no further, highlighted below are our top tips detailing how the average American can maximize their credit card rewards.

Strategy 1: Free Cash? Maximize Your Credit Card Sign Up Bonus

Everybody likes free cash right? Well your first chance to effectively cash in lies in the sign up bonus. Credit card companies are now more than ever offering extremely attractive cash sign up bonuses (oftentimes up to $500) just to earn your business. What’s the catch you ask? Typically there is a spend requirement, meaning you may have to spend a certain amount before collecting your bonus. This can easily be accomplished by charging an expense you usually pay in cash, for example rent, or insurance, and paying it off in cash as you normally do before your cycle ends. Voila, you just created up to $500 in free cash!

Editor’s Note: Here’s Our Current List of the Credit Cards With The Highest Cash Sign-Up Bonuses

Strategy 2: Immediate Cash Back on Everyday Purchases

Congratulations, you found a credit card with a sizable sign up bonus and claimed your free cash, well that’s just the beginning. You can claim cash back savings on everyday purchases like groceries and gas but only if you are using the right card. While savings in the range of 3-6% may not seem like a lot on the surface, these cash back savings add up over time. Check with your credit card company for specific details on just what purchases are eligible for cash back savings rewards.

Strategy 3: Eliminate Credit Card Interest Fees Using This Key Tactic

Do you like paying back more than you owe? I didn’t think so. So why do you continue to pay interest on purchases you made on your credit card? This “lazy” behavior has to stop. You can easily avoid paying interest on any credit card balances you may be carrying by transferring your balance to a 0% credit card.

Editor’s Note: These Credit Cards Are Currently Offering 0% Balance Transfers

Zero percent balance transfer credit cards can allow you to incur “zero interest” payments for up to 20 months in some instances. Thousands of dollars in savings could be achieved (depending on your credit card balance) under this strategy. And the best part, when your “zero interest” time expires you can easily find another 0% credit card to rollover your balance for additional months of no interest payments. All it takes is a little effort and discipline and you can potentially never pay another interest fee again. Just something to think about as you go about selecting your new credit card.

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