Recent Trading Activity Gives Trump A 50/50 Chance of Impeachment

trump tradingIf you think Donald Trump will make it through his first term in office without being impeached, don’t bet on it.

According to the newest numbers from bookies in the U.K., the odds of a first-term Trump impeachment have narrowed and are now approaching even on some sites.

While Las Vegas doesn’t allow betting on any events other than sports, U.K. bookies are happy to take bets about Trump’s longevity in office.

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Paddy Power currently has the odds of a first-term Trump impeachment at 2/1. Ladbrokes is much more pessimistic about Trump’s prospects and currently lists the odds that Trump will “leave office via impeachment or resignation before end of first term” at even. In addition, Ladbrokes lists the odds that Trump with “serve full term” in office at 4/5.

Bovada sees the odds Trump completes “a full term as POTUS” at near even as well. A $140 bet on a full term in office currently pays off $100, while a $100 bet that the term is cut short pays off $110.

Trump’s first month in office has certainly upped the odds of impeachment in the odds of bookies. Following Election Day in November, Ladbrokes listed the odds that Trump would make it through his first term in office at 3/1.

Some legal experts say Trump has already violated the Constitution by receiving personal financial benefits from foreign governments. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters believes Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and 90-day travel ban for travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries is grounds for his removal from office.

While smart money seems to be predicting an early departure for Trump, gamblers aren’t necessarily reliable when it comes to politics. Some of the same U.K. bookies had Hillary Clinton as the heavy favorite to win the election back in November.

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Source: Benzinga

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